Diamonds are a girls best friend

Diamonds are an enormous investment not only for investment but also for wedding and especially engagement jewellery and hence it is highly important to select the right one as per your requirement. Since starting your search for that perfect one, you have to set a budget and also what kind of quality you are searching for. Most people tend to go for the more durable diamond quality rather than going for a cheap one which would look like a chump on your finger.

The most common diamond quality is the colorless stone that is very rare and can be almost indistinguishable from a regular white stone even by someone who is not an expert. Colored diamonds come in shades such as white, pink, yellow, blue and even green and these are generally less expensive than their other counterparts. If you are planning on buying a colored diamond, then you will need to know how many carats it has in order to get the right weight and price.

The next important aspect is to know the four grading systems that are used for diamonds as there are more than one type. In order to classify them, they are known as the I, J, K and Q grades. The classification is usually done on the basis of cut, clarity and color and all the diamonds fall under one of these categories. These four systems are based on the belief that each stone has its own unique internal structure that will give it a different color and thus its grade. Since diamonds are mainly colorless, the I and J grades are generally applied for them while the K and Q grades are generally used for colored diamonds.